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Champion Technique Trainer makes world class athletic performance as well as personal and nutrition training.  Enjoy expert interval training while avoiding injury and other ailments caused by overtraining. Now it’s easier than ever and more affordable to have your own virtual athletic development coach, personal trainer and nutrition coach.  Download the Champion Tenchnique Trainer by clicking a link below:

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We love giving things away for free.  However, we've found that just giving something away doesn't help get our clients started (which is the most difficult step - just getting started).  So, we will send you a $20 gift card for starting your new fitness or sports training adventure.  

Choose the package below that interests you the most:

  • Interval Training Progam (periodization)
  • Daily Checkins
  • Weekly Checkins
  • Goal Charting
  • Events
  • Modified for your needs (strength and cardio)
  • Great for individuals wanting a more affordable athletic and fitness coach.

most popular

  • Starts with Basic Plan
  • Nutrition Training
  • Meal Planning
  • Great for individuals wanting more assistance and guidance for fitness, sports and nutrition development.

our favorite

  • Starts with Basic and Advanced Plans
  • Sports Skills Development
  • A Massive Edge Over Your Competition
  • Great for anyone 3 and older seeking the highest level of athletic and skills development.

worldclass skills analysis (Coming Soon)

Skills development is just as important as athletic development.  Take your game to the next level with Champion Technique's video skills analysis program.  Here's how it works:

  1.   We'll record your skills.
  2.   We'll breakdown your skills.
  3.   You'll receive digital recording back displaying our analysis and a plan for improving it.
  4.   Practice and repeat.

We offer different skills analysis packages:

  • Monitor Your Skills Development at Your Own Pace
  • Single Video Analysis
  • Up to 5 Skills Analysed
  • Monitor Your Skills Progress Occassionally Throughout Year
  • Single Video Analysis Performed Every 3 Months (3 Total)
  • Up to 5 Skills Analysed Per Analysis
  • 10% Discount Per Analysis
  • Monitor Your Skills Progress Often Throughout Year
  • Single Video Analysis Performed Every Months (12 Total)
  • Up to 5 Skills Analysed Per Analysis
  • 25% Discount Per Analysis

Champion Technique Sports Teams (Coming soon)

Champion Technique Sports Teams are another factor that separates us from other trainers and coaching programs.  Our sports team training uses the same interval training plan we offer to our Champion Technique Trainer friends and customize it for skill and team development for all the sports; including our pride-and-joy multisports program.

You can find out more by visiting us at ChampionTechnique.com or click the button below.

Kick Your Nutrition Up A Notch

Our NSF Certified supplements.  They are safe to take, safely made and great for you.  Some times your daily diet is missing valuable elements.  Champion Technique Supplements help you fill those gaps, build healthy muscles and recover faster.