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Interval training and so much more

we don't guess, we know

The difference with Champion Technique is monumental. Fitness and sports training encompass far more than mere cardio, strength, and interval workouts.

Initially, to master interval training and employ it effectively for both cardio and strength development, it's vital to comprehend the nuances of avoiding overtraining and injury. That's why we joined forces with Super Sport Systems - the unparalleled interval training program with a rich history of more than three decades of scientific research and implementation at the most prestigious international and collegiate sports competition levels. Unlike the masses of coaches and trainers who merely make educated guesses, our approach is grounded in a methodology honed by over 30 years of science and practical experience. 

Second, we tailor the interval training program to fit your objectives and preferences, elevating it to a new level of personalization. With the guidance and support of the world's finest coaches, choosing this program is a no-brainer.

Finally, we add nutrition training and meal planning.  We'll work with you to properly fuel your body to efficiently accomplish your goals.

It's like having your own personal trainer, nutritionist and a worldclass coach 24/7 at your finger tips..

Your goals are our starting point

We begin by delving into your aspirations and crafting strategies to help you reach them.

How do we do it? By aligning ourselves with the foremost authorities in the world of speed and endurance training (interval training), a discipline that extends far beyond just HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Unlike HIIT, which can result in injury and psychological strain if energy systems are not balanced, the Champion Technique program strikes a harmonious balance between rest, periodization, aerobic and anaerobic training.

Building upon this foundation, we then integrate a comprehensive strength training and nutrition plan, custom-tailored to your unique needs. To ensure you stay on track, we continuously monitor your progress with periodic assessments.

Then we frequently test your progress to make sure your on path.

Is this program limited to athletes alone? Absolutely not! The Champion Technique is for everyone, and we will show you how to harness its full potential.

Our Champion Technique trainers

Jason Adams

CEO, Head COach

Jason has enjoyed 30+ years coaching athletes of all sports and levels.  Coaching is his passion.  His understanding of skills development and athletic training drove Champion Technique to create truly unique sports programs.

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